Tuesday 16 January 2018

Investigation into claim of attack by man with cleaver

Garda on duty.
Garda on duty.

Gardaí are looking to hear from witnesses to an incident in Kilmuckridge on Tuesday night, during which it's alleged that a man, who had a meat cleaver in his hand, broke several windows at a pub in the village,

The garda investigation into the incident is ongoing, but it appears the man, a foreign national, had been drinking in The Crosses pub, when he was refused service and asked to leave.

Some time later, around 9.30 p.m., he returned to the premises and it's alleged there was an altercation outside the pub, where another patron was allegedly assaulted, but not with the meat cleaver.

Several more patrons then came out of the pub when they heard the commotion, but were understandably cautious when they saw the knife.

Up to five windows in the premises were broken during the incident.

Gardaí from Enniscorthy arrived on the scene within half an hour, and they spoke to people at the scene. They later made an arrest, but say their inquiry is continuing, and they are anxious to speak to eyewitnesses to get statements from them.

They are said to be investigating reports of several alleged assaults.

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