Monday 18 December 2017

'It wasn't Mick,' Wallace camp over bus claim

By David Tucker

The 'Wallace' bus parked on double yellow lines in Wexford town.
The 'Wallace' bus parked on double yellow lines in Wexford town.

A big black bus used to promote Mick Wallace has become a familiar sight in and around Wexford over the past few weeks, but it has raised the ire of some people after they claimed the Deputy was flouting the law by parking it on double yellow lines.

A picture of the bus, eblazoned with its 'let's call it as it is Wallace' was put up on Facebook last week, showing it apparently illegally parked on double yellow lines and blocking the pavement on Johns Road, with various comments including one urging a traffic warden to issue a ticket and another: 'He thinks he's above the law the scruff'.

However, while the bus bears his name, Deputy Wallace's spokesman said the bus was not Mick's but belonged to Wexford Youths FC and questions should be directed in that direction, which they were.

The Youths' general manager Seanie O'Shea held his hands up when asked about the errant parking of the bus.

'I live in the John Street area and my car is out of action this week so I literally took the bus home as I also did Monday night (it was parked legally Monday night, further up Johns Road). However, Tuesday night there was no parking space for the bus so I parked It as per photo ( 10.30 p.m. ish to 9.10 a.m. ish),' Seanie told this newspaper. 'From living in the area it's common enough to see vehicles parked in that very same spot though again I admit it was on double yellow lines and partly on footpath. Obviously I offended somebody who complained and took photo and I apologise,' he said.

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