Saturday 21 September 2019

Italians cheapest for Wexford's brown bins

THE LOWEST tender for the supply and distribution of wheelie bins for organic waste for Wexford County Council came from Italy, to the amazement of Cllr. George Lawlor.

No Wexford tenders for the 'brown bin' service were received for the contract, with seven offers coming in across the range from € 314,000 to € 507,000. The lowest arrived from a company called Icoplastic of Barripsaus in Italy, while the highest was from Midland Environmental Services of Durrow in Laois.

Cllr. Lawlor noted that Icoplastic was top of the list by a good distance. He wondered whether the Italians would be up to scratch for service or for the terms and conditions of employees.

Director of services Niall McGuigan explained that the contract would not automatically be awarded to the firm that came in with the best quotation. The council would have to be convinced that quality standards would have to be met.

However, he expressed no objection to the contract going abroad, pointing out that many very good Wexford companies win contracts across the Continent in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

Business is not a one-way process, suggested Niall McGuigan.

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