Tuesday 24 October 2017

Jail for man suspected of making death threats


A TAGHMON MAN has been sentenced to three months in prison for a public order offence after Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla heard that is at the centre of an ongoing Garda investigation into alleged death threats.

Jimmy Sinnott, with an address at Tomhaggard, was before the court for penalty of a charge of acting in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner at Ballindinas, Wexford, on November 2, 2010.

Judge O Buachalla heard lengthy evidence in the case last January, with Sinnott denying the charge brought by Garda Declan Dennehy. However, the judge found the facts in the case proven.

Before he went to impose a penalty, Judge O Buachalla asked Inspector Pat McDonald if Sinnott has come to their attention recently. 'It's my understanding that he has,' said the Inspector. 'I haven't,' replied Sinnott.

Judge O Buachalla then heard that Sinnott has 44 previous convictions and had received three-month sentences for the same kind of public order offence in June and July of last year.

Ed King said his 32-year-old client is the father of two children, aged six and three. Recalling the evidence in the case, he said that Sinnott's partner was stopped driving a defective vehicle and it was seized by the Gardaí.

Mr King said that Sinnott and his partner had their three-year-old child with them in the car at the time and he became upset that they were being left at the side of the road in the cold, where they were collected by a relative of Sinnott's.

'One thing led to another and you found the facts proven on the hearing of January 4,' said Mr King.

The case was adjourned briefly so the Gardaí could clarify the nature of the attention that Inspector McDonald said Sinnott has drawn on himself lately.

When the case resumed, Garda John O'Flynn told the court that he responded to a call in Taghmon village on June 14 last.

It was alleged that two people, including Sinnott, threatened three others and that all three made statements of complaint to the Gardaí.

Judge O Buachalla asked what the nature of the alleged threats was. Garda O'Flynn said they were told he'd be killed if they didn't leave the area.

Responding to questions from Mr King, Garda O'Flynn acknowledged that he had only spoken to the complainants and not Sinnott, who was spoken to by another Garda.

He also acknowledged that the other man alleged to have made the threats admitted he had done so, but told Garda O'Flynn that Sinnott was not there at the time.

Mr King also pointed out that the mother of one of the three people who alleges Sinnott threatened them was in court and willing to act as surety for Sinnott if he was going to have to lodge an appeal with the court. Garda O'Flynn confirmed this was the case for the court.

Sinnott told the court that when the Gardaí called to speak with him about the alleged threats, he was at his ' home place' working in a shed, and that when they were said to have been made he was in the chipper with his father and one of his children. He denied any involvement in the incident.

Inspector Pat McDonald said the investigation into the alleged death threats is ongoing.

Judge O Buachalla sentenced Sinnott to three months in prison for the offence at Ballindinas, noting that he has 44 previous convictions, which include past cases of acting in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner.

Recognisances were fixed in the event of an appeal. However, the Gardaí successfully objected to the mother of one of three complainants from the ongoing investigation acting as a surety due to her son's involvement in the other matter.

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