Friday 15 December 2017

Jailed for five months - banned for twelve years


'JUST HOW many disqualifications does it take for a man to notice?' asked Judge Patrick Clyne at Wexford District Court as he jailed a repeat offender for five months and banned him from driving for twelve years.

Philip Kearns ( 55), Ballyshannon, Adamstown, was charged with driving without insurance at Adamstown, Wexford on December 29, 2011.

Garda Niall Brophy said at 8.50am Kearns turned from a checkpoint. He was stopped following a short pursuit and admitted driving without insurance.

The court heard at the time he was driving while disqualified.

Kearns, the court heard, has 24 previous convictions including two for drink driving and one for driving while disqualified.

' You can see a pattern here,' said defending solicitor Ed King.

' Indeed,' said Judge Clyne, ' almost a creature of habit. Just how many disqualifications does it take for a man to notice?' he asked.

Mr. King said Kearns was aware his offence ' merits a substantial sentence but is asking for a suspended sentence'.

He said Kearns lives with hi s partner and their child and also his daughter and her two children.

Mr. King said Kearns is currently four month alcohol free which is ' the second longest period he has been off alcohol, his longest being nine months.'

Judge Clyne imposed a five month jail sentence and put Kearns off the road for twelve years.

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