Tuesday 24 October 2017


It is a scandalous decision, a disastrous decision to do away with the Town Council.

I was first elected to the council in Enniscorthy in 1979 and spent about 14 years on it all told, listening to complaints about footpaths, leaking houses and chutes not working. I sat around the council table with the likes of Ivan Yates, Sam McCauley, Dan O'Leary, Seán Sheahan and Peter Byrne, who all cut their political teeth on the urban council. The council in Enniscorthy has done tremendous work on projects such as housing schemes, the Waterfront swimming pool, the new library and the fire station, or more recently on streetscapes. Abolition of a Town Council such as the one here will surely save no money because town councillors are paid peanuts anyway. There will be legislation coming in to give effect to these proposals and I will vote against it, no problem. A town council allows young councillors to make their mark with a small number of votes. You might get in with not much more than 100 first preferences. There is a lot more dissatisfaction with county councillors than there is with town councillors.

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