Thursday 22 August 2019

Johnny found homes for 679 dogs in a year

DOG warden Johnny Colfer from Fethard-on-Sea rehomed the most dogs in the country in 2014.

Mr Colfer rehomed 679 dogs last year, having collected 1,287, mainly from remote rural areas where they were dumped.

Having started working as the county's dog warden for Wexford County Council a decade ago this year, Mr Colfer said the county has often had the highest number of dogs abandoned nationally.

Mr Colfer said: 'Every year is extremely busy. For some reason or other we have the highest amount of dumped dogs in the country.'

He said even though pet owners are becoming more aware of neutering, the issue of dumped dogs being left to die in remote parts of the county persists.

On Friday evening Mr Colfer got a call that two terrier pups were roaming around in Tacumshane.

'They had been spotted by a man out walking on Tuesday and when he saw them again on Friday he contacted the WSPCA. We just got to them in time. They were decrepit looking and very thin. Another 24 hours and they would have been dead. I took them home and we're looking for a good home for them now. They're very well behaved and they look like brothers.'

Anyone interested in taking the dogs conatct Mr Colfer on 087 6293043.

Sheep kills by dogs is another issue which has been on the rise in recent months and Mr Colfer urged anyone with unwanted dogs to contact him or the WSPCA for help.

'We had a situation in Kilmore recently where two dogs were let loose from a van and they went on to kill sheep. There's no need for that.'

Mr Colfer works with the Dogs Trust and Pets First dog pound in Ballycarney, along with SPCA organisations and volunteers to rehome dogs. Mr Colfer said once a dog is found it is logged and registered and after five days it becomes the council's property.

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