Tuesday 16 January 2018

Johnstone family enjoy dream day out

By David Tucker

Jane and her family, from left Daniel, Jane, Evan and Ciara.
Jane and her family, from left Daniel, Jane, Evan and Ciara.

Share a Dream Foundation recently shed some light on the lives of a Wexford woman and her children still coming to terms with the tragic death of their husband and father in 2014.

Jane Johnstone, from Baldwinstown, has three beautiful children Ciara, aged 16, Evan, aged 15, and Daniel, aged 11. Evan and Daniel are both autistic.

Despite having two very energetic autistic sons, which is a challenge in itself, Jane along with her late husband Rod has always campaigned for the rights for children with disabilities.

However, now she recently her own battle with the HSE, which she won, to keep basic support as one day respite care for her sons. The loss of Rodd, who was only 50, was a massive blow to the family last year.

Both boys Ciara adored their dad but trying to explain the loss to two boys with autism was going to be a huge feat for their Jane.

She dreaded her son Evan's 15th birthday, which was coming up, as he always did something special with his Dad.

After hearing about Wexford man Shay Kinsella, who founded the Share a Dream Foundation, she got in touch to see if there was anything he could do to ease the pain and make it really special for all the family.

So, on Sunday May 3, Jane couldn't believe her eyes when Shay arrived from Limerick in their unique Dream Machine with the Dream Team to their home in Bridgetown to organise a really magical day.

Afterwards mum wrote to Share a Dream to say thank you:

'Thank you so much for bringing the dream machine to our house yesterday, it really made Evans day and helped to get us over his first birthday without his lovely Dad.

'Seeing smiles on the faces of my children after so much sadness and grief did my heart the world of good, we miss Rod terribly, he was a wonderful Dad and his family were the centre of his world but I know that he would be very happy to see us all smiling again.

'The magic you bring to hundreds of families like ours all over the country is amazing and so appreciated.'

'Jane is a very special lady and for families like the Johnsons we will move heaven and earth to give them a moment in time by making their fondest dream come true,' said Shay.

Share a Dream receive no funding from the government, so if you think you can help them to continue making dreams come true contact 061200080/200083 or

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