Wednesday 16 October 2019

Judge adjourns case against man who didn't pay for shopping

The story of a Bray man who walked past the checkout at the Tesco in Wexford with more than €40 of goods without paying did not add up in the view of Judge Gerard Haughton.

Mark Brady (22) of Avalon, Oldcourt Park in Bray pleaded not guilty to the charge of theft brought by Garda Emma Dwan after she was called to the supermarket on January 3.

Wexford District Court heard evidence from store manager David Higginbottom who intercepted the accused around 5.30 p.m. after security alarms were triggered.

The accused had vodka, lager, crisps and other items to a total value of €46 but was unable to produce a receipt.

When the garda arrived, he told her that his girlfriend was sick and locked in his Volkswagen Golf in the Tesco car park.

In the witness box, Brady said he remembered getting the phone call from the girlfriend and said his reaction was to go to her.

He said he had no intention of running off without paying; 'My priority was getting to my girlfriend not robbing'. He explained that the couple were on a weekend away for her birthday.

Judge Haughton had several problems with the defendant's evidence.

Brady said he was shopping for 'groceries', yet the list of items included lemons, limes and a 16 pack of tumblers.

The judge also did not understand why the accused man did not put the basket down and go to the car.

The court was also concerned that the defendant claimed to have no previous convictions.

However, it turned out that he had two road traffic offences on his record.

Garda Dwan also referred to a 2008 conviction for theft, though she was not sure whether this was correct.

The case was put back to October 13 to allow a check to be conducted into Brady's record.

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