Friday 24 November 2017

Justice system comes in for harsh criticism

by Esther Hayden

Some harsh criticism was levelled at the justice system by one of Wexford's most high ranking gardai.

Chief Superintendent John Roche was speaking about a person the gardai had arrested in respect of a string of burglaries but the culprit only admitted a certain few. 'The legal system at the moment is quite difficult. It leans in favour of the culprit in many instances. So while we might catch a person at one burglary they may not admit to committing a further seven or eight carried out in the area at the same time.

'That's a problem when it comes to statistics. Our job is to bring a person to court.

'What happens after well the system might not be 100 per cent right. It's so, so frustrating', said Chief Superintendent Roche. 'Last December a judge gave a person a ten month sentence for a string of burglaries but he was back out in March. We arrested him twice after that for drug offences and the judge was incredulous that he was back out again. That's the system we face at the moment.'

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