Friday 23 August 2019

Kelly expected to get nod for Sinn Féin

WEXFORD COUNCILLOR Anthony Kelly is expected to be selected as a Sinn Fein candidate to contest the forthcoming General Election, at a party convention on Thursday night.

Cllr. Kelly who was first elected to Wexford Borough Council in 1999, is understood to be the only nominee seeking selection. His candidacy will be ratified at a convention in St. Joseph's Community Centre.

The Sinn Féin councillor said he feels the time is right to run for the Dail. This is his first time to stand in a General Election.

'I feel I have served my apprenticeship during three terms on the Borough Council. The climate is right and Sinn Féin is on the rise in the polls. I am looking forward to it,' he said.

Cllr. Kelly was speaking in the week that party leader Gerry Adams - himself a candidate in the Louth/East Meath constituency - visited Wexford for a Sinn Féin dinner in the Stanville Lodge Hotel.

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