Monday 18 November 2019

Kelly hoping to get councillors on their bikes!

Cllr Leonard Kelly.
Cllr Leonard Kelly.

Cllr Leonard Kelly is hoping to get his council colleagues on their bikes for a special bicycle ride through town in rush hour traffic.

Having consulted with Wexford Bicycle Users Group (WexBUG), Cllr Kelly is to propose that Wexford's councillors, the Chief Executive of the Council Tom Enright and various directors all saddle up in a bid to understand what hurdles are faced by cyclists on their everyday commute to work, school, social events etc.

He is hoping to stage the town cycle in October and is hoping for a large uptake from his colleagues.

'Study tours are an important part of understanding issues and observing good (and bad) practices,' he said. 'WexBUG contends that a short (1 hour) study tour to experience Wexford town's roads will illustrate the problems faced by cyclists on a daily basis. The experience is designed to highlight the opportunities that will come from prompt and early implementation of Government policy.'

Keen to avoid any major excuses, Cllr Kelly has stated that everyday clothing is acceptable, bikes can be provided if necessary and that the cycle will be suitable for people of all fitness levels.

He intends to put the motion before the council at their next meeting and is hopeful that everyone will be ready and willing to put the pedal to the metal.

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