Sunday 20 October 2019

Kennedy nominated for JFK board of directors

FINE GAEL'S Denis Kennedy has been nominated to be Wexford County Council's representative on the Board of Directors of the JFK Trust.

Cllr. Kennedy was nominated to the role by Cllr. Larry O'brien and was seconded by Cllr. Jim Moore.

In informing the meeting that he is on the board of the JFK Trust but not as a representative of the County Council, Cllr. Michael Sheehan said he suspected someone was ' up to their dirty tricks' alluding to his suspicions as to why an issue was made that the County Council should be represented on the board only after he was elected to it.

Across the chamber, Cllr. Kennedy said Cllr. Sheehan was nominated to the board by Senator Jim Walsh.

' To talk dirty tricks is the pot calling the kettle black,' said Cllr. Kennedy.

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