Wednesday 18 September 2019

Kennedy Park pupils put their science knowledge to the test

Sophie Ennis Jiri Rygol and Killian Whelan with Balloon Blow in Bottle.
Sophie Ennis Jiri Rygol and Killian Whelan with Balloon Blow in Bottle.
Lea Vasilcenko, Milissa Morris and Sarah Kate Ennis with Exploding Volcano.
Sonja Kelly and Sam Moore with Non-Popping Balloon.
Katie Nolan, Aaron Roche and Jordan Byrne with the Blind Spot Testing project.
Cian Roche, Dave Kelly and Sue Kelly with the Nails experiment.
Shannon Taylor, Emma Byrne, Nicola Laze and Saoirse Sutherland with their Starch experiment
Abbie Furlong and Tristan Scallan.
Sam Kelly, Katie Nolan, Ruth Avtina and Suzie Kelly with Taste without Smell
Diane Bright Bergin, Sam White and Wiktoria Ligocka with their Electric Quiz.
Ciara Flanagan, Denver Downes, Hannah Spencer and Sarah Carr with 4D Animal Cards.
Eoin Monaghan and Jessica Gannon with Walking on Eggs.
Leah Taylor, Cerys Duffin, TJ McManus and Callum Farrell with Buzz Off.
Stephen Gethings, Aaron Gethings, Ciara Sanja Laze and Alannah Doyle with How Much Sugar.

By Amy Lewis

Excitement was brewing over at Kennedy Park National School recently as sixth class pupils put their lab coats on and got experimenting to mark National Science Week.

The annual event saw the pupils showcase a series of hand-on experiments and as the doors were opened to the public, many of their parents and grandparents were also roped in. Experiments included balloon races, walking on eggs, blind spot testing and the ever-popular exploding volcano. Pupils and parents alike were kept on their toes as there was a host of interactive tests and games taking place throughout the day such as 'test your reactions' and 'guess how much sugar is in your drinks and foods'.

The event was organised to coincide with the 21st birthday of National Science Week. Science is a crucial part of the curriculum in Kennedy Park School and each year, they ensure to organise events in honour of science week.

Throughout the year, pupils from Junior Infants to sixth class also take part in science lessons. Owing to their commitment to science, the school has achieved a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Excellence Award 11 years in a row.

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