Friday 18 October 2019

Kids go batty for cricket

Anne Marie O'CONNOR

HURLING IS alright, but it just ain't cricket!

At least that's what the pupils of Scoil Mhuire are learning, thanks to the enthusiasm of teacher, Adrian Campbell.

Cricket-mad Campbell, who is attached to the autism unit at the school, hails from Melbourne, Australia where cricket is a widely played sport.

Since moving to Ireland three years ago, the popular Aussie has been frustrated that the game he loves is not promoted amongst young people.

To that end, he and his team mate Herbie Honohan from Wexford Wanderers Cricket Club asked Brian O'Rourke, the national development officer for cricket, to Scoil Mhuire for some master classes.

On Thursday the third classes in the school all learned the fundamentals of the game, with hour long lessons from Brian O'Rourke.

The kids were all 'bowled over' by the sport and the teaching staff, with the help of Mr. Campbell, plan to promote the game in the school.

Said school principal, Bridget Scully: 'The third classes had a day's introduction to cricket and they loved it. It's great that we can promote another game with them.'

Bridget thanks Adrian for his initiative in bringing the sport to the school.

'He's a cricket-mad Australian from Melbourne. He loves the game,' she said.

However, Adrian isn't adverse to learning new sports himself. Indeed, since coming to Wexford he's embraced Gaelic Football and lines out with the Sarsfields GFC.

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