Sunday 18 March 2018

Kids on wildlife trip get to meet new baby red panda


SICK KIDS from St. Gabrielle's Ward in Wexford General Hospital were amongst the very first to meet the recently delivered baby red panda cub at Fota Wildlife Park last Saturday.

Twenty-two children, who are all regular attenders in St. Gabrielle's, were treated to a happy day out at the wildlife centre on Saturday, and got to meet the new Fota arrival, who was put on public show at the parks incubation centre for the first time.

This was the first time that staff from the children's ward at Wexford General took some of their long term patients on a fun outing, and the event was made possible by Mick Rice and his fundraisers who annually hold a motorcycle run for the ward.

According to Hilda Stafford, the Clinical Nursing manager at the hospital, the money raised is usually spent to buy equipment for the ward.

' This was the first time ever that we decided to use some of the money to bring the children out, and they had a brilliant say,' she said, adding that some of the motorcyclist fundraisers travelled with them to Fota.

The children who went on the trip ranged in age from three years to 16, and they enjoyed a picnic in the Park, and had a visit to McDonalds on the way home.

' They saw the new baby Panda. It was his first day on show, and they really enjoyed that,' said Hilda.

'It was a lovely day, and it was nice to see all of the children outside, making the most of the weather and enjoying themselves,' she added.

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