Tuesday 28 January 2020

Kilmore lifeboat 'headlines' RNLI safety campaign

The image of the Kilmore Quay lifeboat used in the RNLI campaign,.
The image of the Kilmore Quay lifeboat used in the RNLI campaign,.

a dramatic picture of the Kilmore Quay lifeboat on exercise off the Wexford coast is being used by the RNLI to highlight its Respect the Water campaign.

As temperatures look set to soar across Ireland, new research commissioned by the RNLI has revealed that 39 per cent of Irish people questioned said they would follow their instincts and fight against the water, if they unexpectedly fell into it or got into trouble.

However the RNLI's Respect the Water campaign is asking people to fight those instincts and remember one simple piece of advice - floating - that could save lives from drowning.

Sudden immersion in cold water puts people at severe risk of suffering cold water shock, which triggers the instinctive but life-threatening reaction to gasp uncontrollably and swim hard, which can quickly lead to drowning.

Research commissioned by the RNLI shows 39 per cent of people in Ireland would follow this potentially life-threatening instinct if they fell into water, with 28 per cent of respondents saying their immediate reaction would be to swim, while three per cent said they would panic - two of the instinctive responses the RNLI is urging people to fight.

Others said they would remove clothing; do nothing; hold their breath (one per cent), and one per cent said they would not know what to do. Only eight per cent of respondents knew specifically to float or tread water.

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