Monday 19 March 2018

Ladle-wielding chef chases away raiders


TWO would-be armed raiders were chased away from a Bridgetown chipper by a ladlewielding Chinese chef on Saturday night.

A Garda spokesman said the incident at The Bridge Takeaway in the village occurred at around 9.45 p.m. when two men entered the chipper, one about 6' 2" in height, the other 5' 7".

The taller of the two went behind the counter, threatened the female member of staff with what appeared to be a firearm and demanded that the till be opened.

Roy Coleman, owner of The Bridge Takeaway, said that the woman working behind the counter screamed and ran back into the building to get him as he was out the back.

However, the Chinese chef, known as Jack, heard the commotion and picked up two large ladles before making his way out to the front of the chipper from the kitchen and chasing the two men out of the building and up the street.

Roy said all three were gone when he came around the front and he was worried for his chef 's welfare at that point, but he needn't have been.

Jack caught up with one of the two raiders, who fled on foot, and, with the aid of a local man who came out of his house to see what was going on, had managed to stop him.

Roy said Jack searched the man to make sure he was not carrying a knife or other weapon, even making him take off his shoes and socks. However, the man was let go after refusing to go back to the chipper, saying he feared he would be beaten up for trying to rob it.

When Jack, who has worked at The Bridge Takeaway for over three years, came back and told him what had happened Roy said he had a look around the area in his van for the two men, but could not find them. He also warned other local businesses.

' They got nothing,' said Roy, who described the two would-be raiders as 'pure amateurs', pointing out that they broke the till in their fruitless attempt to access the cash when they could have easily removed the drawer.

However, he pointed out that it was still a serious incident as one of them threatened the female member of staff with what appeared to be a gun coming from his sleeve.

The Garda spokesman confirmed that the hand the 'gun' was in was largely covered by his jacket as he pointed it, so it's unclear at this stage if he was in fact armed or whether it was a replica of some kind.

Roy said that the woman, a local, was 'very shaken' and 'distraught' following the incident, but returned to work the following as she felt it would only get worse the longer she left it to go back.

It's understood that Gardaí in Wexford investigating the incident are following a definite line of inquiry. Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the Bridgetown area at the time is asked to contact Wexford Garda Station on 053-9165200.

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