Monday 27 January 2020

Lar takes his fighting spirit to the ring

Lar is declared winner after his fight in Clayton Whites Hotel
Lar is declared winner after his fight in Clayton Whites Hotel

Pádraig Byrne

While at one point he was confined to a hospital bed, scarcely able to breath and desperately awaiting a vital lung transplant, another inspiring chapter was written in the story of Wexford gym owner Lar Brennan as he took to the ring at Whites Hotel as part of Wexford Academy of Martial Arts' (WAMA) Bad Intentions III night.

Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis his whole life, Lar battled back against insurmountable odds and got himself fit and healthy enough to see his lifelong goal of opening his very own gym come to fruition - Postural Alignment & Fitness Ireland at Sinnottstown Business Park in Drinagh.

While his achievements are amazing enough as it is, there was one other thing he wanted to tick off his bucket list.

'I've always wanted to get into a ring and do a bit of boxing,' he said. 'My donor would have done a bit of boxing as well, so I wanted to be able to get in there and do it for him as well.'

What started out as a hypothetical conversation with friend Stephen Murphy of WAMA resulted in Lar taking to the ring in front of a capacity crowd to face Stephen Quinn in a bout. 'I had said it to Stephen (Murphy) that I'd love to do it and he just said "Why don't you?". I had been doing a bit, so I just stepped up the training a bit and got some great advice.'

Lar loved the experience and although typically modest, his hand was the one that was raised when the fight came to an end. 'I got the win yeah,' he smiled. 'I'd say if he wanted to he could've taken the head off me, but we were going on points. It was a brilliant experience to step in there. There was a great crowd on the night. I suppose I wanted to prove a point that people with CF can get back up and do these things.' Lar wished to thank Stephen and Billy of WAMA and his opponent Stephen Quinn.

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