Sunday 17 December 2017

Laura's new series will be Rising sci fi

By David tucker

laura way rising
laura way rising
A poster advertising 'Rising' the new TV series from Laura Way (right).

wexford's Laura Way is the co-creator of a new film - a 1916 sci fi TV series, some of which will be shot in Wexford.

Called 'Rising', it will be set in a dystopian future Ireland and will revolve around the government's attempt to cover up a deadly viral outbreak that has been linked to a shady multinational company called Valetech, which the country depends on.

It follows six people and their struggle to survive when the truth is leaked and the country descends into chaos. Laura's mother Irene Wright will be playing the part of one of the characters, Aoife, and open casting is due to take place in the new year.

Co-created by Laura and Jonathan Hawtrey Clark, produced by Jonathan Farrelly and directed by her, the TV show reflects some of the circumstances that led to the 1916 Rising and is a modern take on the meaning of 'Independence' with an overriding theme of 'Nature versus Progress'.

'Rising' is an independent production raising funds through

Currently set to be a five-part web series it has veteran Hollywood actor Jon Polito on board.

'We're extremely excited about this pilot. It's a complete departure from the norm in Irish TV Drama. It will break the mould with regard to what is usually expected from a television programme conceived of, shot and produced in Ireland,' said Laura.

The crowd funding campaign finishes up on December 21. Depending on the size of your donation, there are many perks that offer various levels of involvement in the processes of production, including updates at each stage of production, a film credit, a 'Rising' number plate, spending a day on set, and an invitation to the exclusive screening of the TV Pilot. Laura, the daughter of Wexford thespians Michael Way and Irene Wright, has appeared on numerous TV and film productions including HBO's The Tudors, RTE's The Clinic, Bitter Sweet, BBC1's The Silence, Foyles War, A Film With Me In It and Anton.

'I wanted to do a more action-based drama because there are not many female directors doing that at the moment and I am a big fan of Catherine Bigelow,' said Laura. 'I am the co-creator with the writer and earlier in the year we were thinking about doing something to mark the centenary of 1916 and weren't sure about how to take a different angle, so we decided that instead of looking at our past, we would look at our future, but not so far in the future that people would be far removed from it,' she told this newspaper.

Laura, who hopes the film will be on our screens by the end of 2016, is planning to shoot some of the scenes in Wexford, 'which has some incredible locations which are under-utilised.' Military scenes are supported by Military Movie and Film Services and wishcoin events based in Wexford.

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