Saturday 16 December 2017

Lawlor voices concerns over manhole covers

A WORRYING VISION of manhole covers popping up out of their proper positions on one of the busiest roads in County Wexford was conjured up by Cllr. George Lawlor.

The Labour man was referring to the problems regularly experienced during heavy rain at Distillery Road in Wexford town.

The displaced manhole covers represented a danger to traffic, he complained, part of a problem with drainage that had damaged the road surface. Water services director Eddie Taaffe did not dispute that there were difficulties.

He explained that, for starters, a bigger gauge of pipe needed to be laid in some of the drains in the Distillery Road area.

The work would be carried out but it was a tricky job because some of the drains are close to a private residence. A contractor will be appointed soon, he assured Cllr. Lawlor.

Secondly, the director was keen to separate rain water from sewage in the neighbourhood but he was not hopeful that money could be found for this any time soon.

The work would entail fitting a large amount of pipe work in an old part of the town but no funding was available.

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