Sunday 17 December 2017

Leading retailers say most are well prepared for change

MANAGEMENT and staff at some of County Wexford's leading electrical retailers say that in their experience, the public is well prepared for the big digital swtichover.

At Joyce's Electrical in Wexford, Derek Joyce said that while there is some confusion on the part of a minority with regard to what exactly is happening, 'people in general are very well aware of the change and what they need to do'. He reported that the biggest source of confusion is over just what type of outdoor aerial is needed, but that even this does not present a huge problem to most.

'We've been very busy over the past few weeks,' he added, 'and I predict that we'll remain busy after the switchover too. People often wait until the lead-up to Christmas to buy a new television set, and we expect that pattern to continue this year.'

He also had some advice for people who receive their TV signal from the transmitter atop Mount Leinster, as he pointed out that broadcast frequencies from there will change in the few days after the switchover, and people will need to re-tune or re-scan their TVs and/or set-top boxes to continue to receive the signal. People who get the signal from Forth Mountain or other transmitters will not be affected.

Meanwhile, at Redmond Electric in Gorey, Darragh Kinsella also reported that things have been busy.

'We've been selling a lot of set top boxes and TVs with Saorview built in. Generally we're advising people to invest in new Saorview television sets, because TVs can stop working at any time and then you're left with an idle box. However we understand that some people have a number of televisions in their homes and we have set top boxes to cater for everyone's needs.'

According to Darragh, most people understand the switch to Saorview quite well, however the staff at Redmond Electric are happy to answer any queries that customers may have about their Saorview box. 'We have had quite a few questions alright,' Darragh said. 'I attended a talk on Saorview in Tombrack on Wednesday evening where I was able to advise people on the range of set top boxes available.'

While a couple of households across the county may have difficulty in picking up Saorview, Darragh says that he hasn't come across a case like that yet and the majority of people are well prepared for the switch.

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