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Above, right: The author on Wexford's Main Street. Right: Fr. Tom Flanagan who will launch the book.
Above, right: The author on Wexford's Main Street. Right: Fr. Tom Flanagan who will launch the book.


A NEW BOOK by Wexford's resident anti-celebrity Frank Sinnott, is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

'Don't say we didn't warn you' is the caution on the inside cover of 'View From a Bridge, Volume 11.

The 64-pager published by Three Sisters Press is a miscellany of satirical comments about prominent people in the town; extracts from Sinnott's newspaper column and tall tales and jokes that he has picked up along the way.

It will be officially launched by the Wexford Coptic Orthodox priest Fr. Tom Flanagan in Wexford Book Centre on South Main Street this Thursday, September 27 at 6.30 p.m.

If you have been invited you'd better show up because you know Frank will give you an earful the next time you pass him as he sits outside Cappuccino's, Robertino's or O' Brien's slurping mugs of tea through his unruly moustache.

Fr. Flanagan has a foreword in the book in which he recalls meeting Frank for the first time not long after he arrived in Wexford a dozen years ago.

' To be honest, it would be difficult, well-nigh impossible to miss him on the town. But there he was with his unique and amusing view of life..', said the priest.

'Over the years, we have become good friends, a man well worth knowing as he seems to know everyone and certainly, everyone knows him.'

'You will laugh, groan and even moan at some of the terrible jokes. But there is depth, wisdom and power to observe and express. I am sure you will enjoy it. If you don't, don't blame me. Blame Frank,' said Fr. Flanagan.

Michelle Dooley Mahon who is currently writing a book about Frank, has the impossible task of trying to describe him.

'He is a hotchpotch of foible and idiosyncrasy blended into male human form, topped with a wild head of scandalized hair and a voice that can be heard booming from three streets away,' she wrote.

Frank's words are interspersed with less than flattering cartoons by architecture student David Mahon of Fergie Kehoe, Philomena Roche, Angela Merkel, Enda Kenny and Paddy 'Whacker' Nolan.

There are photographs of Frank and some of his haunts including Mary's Bar by Ger Hore and Lorcie Doyle.

The book was edited by Michael Freeman.

According to Frank, everyone who is anyone is attending the launch, including his brothers Declan, who released a new solo album recently, and Maurice, a former university lecturer; the Mayor of Wexford Jim Allen; the author and Conventual Friar Fr. Fritz O' Kelly; the former Director General of RTE Bobby Gahan and former group photographic editor of Independent Newspapers Liam Mulcahy.

'View From a Bridge Vol11) is dedicated to the author's 95 year old mother.

' That she may live to be a hundred and beyond. I thank her for everything she has done for me,' he wrote in the inscription.

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