Wednesday 24 January 2018

Letter to the editor: Marriage cannot be instituted by civil authorities

Dear Sir,

There is a clear misunderstanding of equality in Bishop Burrows' comments in your newspaper of May 12.

Marriage is a unique relationship and so one cannot use the term marriage for something it is not (eg free union).

Bishop Burrows' belief that the Church is muzzling the voice of the spirit to lead us into Truth is untrue. God is love and out of love God created them male and female, some with disorders and disabilities and others who develop disorders at an early age when their personalities are being formed.

If they could rediscover the beauty of God's original design instead of frustrating people by trying to redesign it at an unknown cost to the Irish taxpayer, who has already assisted Aids victims in Africa, it could bring a great blessing to our country.

In July 2013 3,000,000 young people joined with His Holiness Pope Francis to pray against the secular invasion of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe. We now have an Irish Christian Bishop who wants this country to be the first in Europe to introduce same sex marriage (whatever that is). This is game playing, not reality.

Marriage cannot be instituted by a cult or civil authorities. The exercise of authority is of divine origin and no human should attempt to command anything contrary to natural law.

Our creator gave us ten commandments, the fourth of which is 'to honour your father and mother', husband love your wife etc, and the sixth, 'thou shalt not commit adultery'.

What christian father or mother would vote 'yes' to a law that allows girls become slaves to be used as vending machines to produce babies? Are we going back to the time of Henry VIII?

Christian marriage is so important that the first miracle Jesus performed was at the Wedding Feaast of Cana.

It was after the mother of Jesus said, 'do what He tells you', that the miracle took place and to this day we have bread from Heaven and the grace of the sacraments, to assist is on our journey towards our creator in Heaven where there is no marriage, as angels are pure spirits and do not have a gender or agenda.

On earth we do not ask who we are but why we are, and when in doubt, vote 'No'.

M. Malone,


Wexford People

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