Monday 20 November 2017

Life buoy vandals 'are criminals' says Wexford's Lawlor

By David Tucker

A life buoy on Wexford Bridge.
A life buoy on Wexford Bridge.

PEOPLE caught throwing life buoys into Wexford Harbour should be prosecuted and dealt with harshly by the courts, according to the vice chair of Wexford Marinewatch.

George Lawlor was commenting after a weekend in which three life buoys were thrown into the water from Wexford Bridge.

'This has become an all-too-familiar occurrence and we must be extra vigilant,' he said.

'We have caught people in the past and should be dealing with incidents like this as criminal actions. There should be no leniency granted to them,' Cllr Lawlor told this newspaper, 'these are life-saving devices and someone could die in the harbour if they are not there.'

The last person caught throwing a life buoy from the bridge received a caution.

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