Friday 17 November 2017

Lifeboat crew train with Rescue 117 in Wexford Harbour


Lorraine Galvin from Wexford RNLI being winched on board Rescue 117.
Lorraine Galvin from Wexford RNLI being winched on board Rescue 117.

Wexford RNLI and the Rescue 117 Helicopter took part on a joint training exercise last Monday as both crews must be competent in manoeuvres involving transfers between the lifeboat and helicopter.

Both Search and Rescue services regularly undertake operations around the Wexford Coast and Wexford Harbour including searches for persons in the water, medical transfers between the lifeboat and helicopter and with multiple agencies searching.

The training in Wexford Harbour involved taking a winchman from the helicopter using a weighed bag and a hi-line rope into the lifeboat.

Lorraine Galvin, from Wexford RNLI, said once on board the winchman can set up a lifting strop for taking a casualty off the lifeboat.

All crews must remain vigilant throughout as to avoid snagging ropes and injury.

Speaking after the exercise, helm David Maguire said 'both the Coast Guard helicopter crew and lifeboat crew were happy with the successful training and are fully competent for any future real life scenarios'.

David Maguire was also used as a casualty for the winchman and was airlifted from the water under a heavy helicopter downdraft. The exercise drew a large number of people to the Quay.

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