Monday 11 December 2017

Lightning strike knocks out wind turbine

By David tucker

The damaged turbine (circled) at Richfield Wind Farm.
The damaged turbine (circled) at Richfield Wind Farm.

LIGHTNING knocked out one of SSE's wind turbines at SSE's Richfield Wind Farm in Bridgetown during the run up to Christmas.

The company said the lightning strike damaged a blade on a single wind turbine shortly before 10 p.m. last Tuesday night.

It said the turbine was safely shut down and the 'practised emergency response procedures were activated'.

The area around the turbine was secured and SSE service technicians dealt with the incident.

'The company is working closely with the turbine manufacturer to carry out further assessment of the damage caused by the strike and to safely remove the damaged component at the earliest opportunity when weather conditions allow,' SSE said in a statement.

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