Monday 16 September 2019

Liquidator for golf company

St Helen's Bay golf course.
St Helen's Bay golf course.

By Maria Pepper

The company which has been running the golf course at St. Helen's Bay in Rosslare Harbour is going into liquidation after just two years in operation.

St. Helen's Bay Golf Club Ltd which leased the clubhouse and course from owners Bing Bay Holdings is seeking to appoint a liquidator at a creditors' meeting in Hotel Rosslare on Thursday, December 22 at 11 am.

There will be minimum disruption to the amenity, however, according to a spokesperson for Bing Bay Holdings which is forming a subsidiary called Bing Bay Golf and Leisure to operate the course on a more commercial level.

The company which is about to go into liquidation was formed by members of St. Helen's Bay Golf Club to run the course and clubhouse after Bing Bay Holdings purchased the Rosslare golf and holiday village from receivers Grant Thorntown in 2014.

The receivers had been appointed to St. Helen's in October 2013 only a few months after it was described as one of the top five holiday destinations in Ireland.

The award-winning resort was opened almost 25 years ago by Larry Byrne and his Marie who tried valiantly to keep the business afloat and were devastated when it went into receivership.

St. Helen's Bay Golf Club Ltd is liquidating due to lack of funds, according to a spokeswoman who said it was unfortunate that the company didn't manage to attract the number of members it was aiming for. She added that a contributory factor was a decision by Wexford and Rosslare golf clubs to reduce fees around the same time.

'We had a lease from Bing Bay Holdings to run the golf club and maintain the course and clubhouse. We're now surrending the lease back to Bing Bay and they will take over the commercial management of the club,' she said.

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