Saturday 17 August 2019

Living in Coolcotts - 'AKA the Battlefield'


YOUNG residents from Coolcotts have put together a history book with a difference.

'Coolcotts AKA the Battlefield' was produced by members of the successful Coolcotts Youth Project with the guidance of Andi McGarry from the FDYS.

In her introduction to the book, Andi McGarry asks 'what kind of history can there be which stretches back a mere 16 years?'

' The answer in this case is a young person's history and with this in mind we dig and delve into the real life and times of several young people who live in Coolcotts,' said Andi.

The FDYS worker said it was agreed at the start of the project that 'we didn't want to make a dry, ordinary, history book; that we wanted to cover areas close to the hearts and minds of the participants'.

The hardback book takes its name from a poem called ' The Battlefield' at the start of the book from a member of the Youth Project called John, which is about Ferndale.

The book, which will be of great interest to anyone from Coolcotts and the wider Wexford community, sees the youngsters share their thoughts on the area and what it's like to grow up and live there.

It's broken down into chapters entitled 'School Days', ' The club and the shop', ' local area/ interests', 'about us', 'stories/quiz', 'interviews' and finally the 'Coolcotts photo album'.

There is also a series of profiles of the local youngsters, written by themselves, and even a Coolcotts quiz. For example do you know if Roy's, Mandors or Molloy's was the first chipper in Coolcotts? Or whose hand is on the cover of the 'Spiked' DVD that was shot in Coolcotts?

These are among the questions answered in the book, which can be bought online or through the FDYS offices at a price of €70.

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