Wednesday 21 August 2019

Lonely couple were used as a ratings booster

Deborah Coleman.
Deborah Coleman.

By Deborah Coleman - Straight Talking

Was anybody truly surprised when the couple involved in a recent 'social experiment' to get married without ever meeting have already split up just eight days into their union?

They entered a competition on a west of Ireland radio station which, while wasn't the first experiment of its kind, was extremely strange to say the least.

How could anyone, bar those set to make money from the whole farce think it was a good idea?

I really think that it made a mockery of marriage and is an insult to those who take it seriously.

The fact that they broke up a couple of days into their honeymoon is testament what a joke it was.

Some will say it was romantic and spontaneous and had so much potential but I think that is ridiculous.

Why did they have to get married? Why did they not think it important to try and get to know one another first?

They clearly had rose tinted views of what married life is actually all about because it is anything but a decision that should be made on a whim simply for the entertainment of others.

Their pairing was so completely fake and unnatural that they never stood a chance.

So many people bleated out their objections to same sex marriage earlier this year arguing that it demeans 'traditional' marriage yet there was hardly a word of opposition to this charade because there was a man and a woman involved.

Of course the couple involved are young, free and single adults who are entitled to do whatever they please, but I feel for them as they were used as a ratings booster and nothing more.

Producers didn't care if they had their hearts broken or were made to look stupid or desperate.

If they were looking for love there are a hell of a lot better places than anonymously on the radio with a wedding thrown in for good measure.

The competition also suggests that settling down into marriage is the only way to sustain a happy and long lasting relationship and as many Irish couples will testify - this really isn't the case.

Perhaps I'm being cynical about the exercise, and had the couple hit it off as cupid intented then it would be lauded as a great success, but they didn't and it wasn't.

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