Sunday 17 December 2017

Looking for an alternative?

A SURVEY involving over 2,000 Irish people aged 65 and older suggested that most seniors in Wexford want to live at home with outside support such as home care rather than live in institutional care such as a nursing home. The benefits of home care to both seniors and the local community are tremendous. The individual wins back a level of independence, security and confidence. By keeping people out of homes and hospitals who don't really need to be there, by reducing the length of time someone must stay in institutionalised care following an illness and by helping people remain at home for longer, valuable resources can be better utilised by the local health board.

Home care also offers one-on-one care. A caregiver will support the older person in any way they can, this support can include personal care such as bathing or something as simple as companionship and engage in casual conversation - whatever the senior want the caregivers will provide. Home care providers like Home Instead Senior Care offer personalised home care providing care that is provided to specifically match the seniors needs.

Home care is also an affordable care option. Seniors or their family can avail of tax relief up to 41% on home care payments. The tax credit can be adjusted so that relief will apply on a monthly or annual basis. There are also home care grants available which can be applied for through the local health centre.

If you are looking for an alternative to nursing home care and want to find out more about home care please contact Home Instead Senior Care in Wexford on (053) 918 4042. You can also log on for more information.

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