Monday 19 August 2019

'Lucky to be alive' following hatchet attack

A WEXFORD man has said he was lucky not to be killed when he was attacked with a hatchet in the town in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

The man, in his 30s, was walking home from a Main Street pub with a woman at 12.20 a.m. to when he was set upon at King Street by another man, who ran out onto King Street and struck him in the head with a hatchet.

'It was his intent to kill me, he swung the hatchet at me with full force and did everything humanly possible to stick it into me,' said the injured man, who did not wish to be identified.

He said he received six stitches to his head wound, but it could have been far more serious if he hadn't been able to almost block the first blow and then defend himself from further attempts to strike him.

'I grabbed his right arm and caught the handle with my left arm, but he still managed to catch me in the head with it. He said he was going to kill me,' said the Wexford town resident.

'My jacket was also cut up. Only for it's fairly thick he could have disembowelled me,' he said.

The Wexford man said his left arm was locked for two days after the attack such was the effort he put into fending off his attacker.

'He said if I didn't let go of the hatchet he'd cut me into pieces. Then he starting kicking me in the head - I thought I was dead. Only for I had the strength to keep the hatchet away from me I would have been,' he said.

Luckily, a passing car who saw the two men struggling on the ground stopped and a couple got out to help the stricken man, at which point the attacker fled.

They drove the injured man to the nearby Garda Station and he was then brought for medical attention.

His attacker was arrested a short time later and brought to Wexford Garda Station, where he was questioned in relation to the incident. He was later released without charge, but a file is being prepared for the DPP and charges are expected to follow.

The man arrested is in his early 20s and from north Wexford, but now lives in Wexford town with his partner and their child. He did not know the man he attacked, but did know the woman he was with.

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