Sunday 18 August 2019

Macpartlin's idea shot down

'UNLESS we do the job ourselves, it won't get done,' declared Cllr. Declan MacPartlin last week as he led calls for the appointment of a development officer to lead a jobs for Wexford campaign.

However, the Camolin-based independent failed to convince his fellow members of Wexford County Council that the allowances payable to chairmen of strategic policy committees would provide the basis for funding such an appointment.

Cllr. MacPartlin lamented the fact that Wexford has the worst unemployment rate in the South East and looked to have a development officer put in place for three years to combat the problem.

County manager Eddie Breen agreed that job creation must be a priority but pointed out that new structures are due to be put in place by the county council to promote enterprise.

He suggested that the initiative being put forward by the councillor was premature. Fellow independent Padge Reck opposed any devaluation of the strategic policy committees.

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