Monday 16 September 2019

Major traffic strategy to be launched for championships

TRAFFIC will not be allowed out at Rosbercon during the three day ploughing championships which take place between September 25 to September 27.

Superintendent Aidan Brennan said there are four main access routes to the site at Heathpark, the N30 from New Ross to Enniscorthy, the N30 from Enniscorthy to New Ross, the N25 from New Ross to Wexford and the N25 from Wexford to New Ross.

Five main car parks had been identified to ease traffic flow accessing the site and a coach park has also been identified.

The car parks will tally up with the four main routes while the fifth car park will be for South Wexford traffic. He said the most obvious route into the site is the New Ross Wexford direction on the N25 with traffic from South Kilkenny, Kerry and Cork accessing the site via the bridge in New Ross heading out to Kent's Cross, left at Ballinaboola and into Heathpark. He said there is also a possibility of this traffic turning in at Cushinstown.

Superintendent Brennan said the traffic management plan is 'a huge challenge for us here in the town. There is no magic strategy and my strategy is to remove every conceivable obstacle along the route. Parking along the Quay will be restricted to allow traffic to progress.

'We will be telling people if you don't have to come into town, avoid the area. We will also be meeting with local businesses to discuss delivery schedules and with Nolan Transport and Lake Region.'

Another route access will be traffic from Limerick, Connaught and the Midlands which will more than likely access the site via Thomastown and across the Ferry Bridge turning right at Hart's Corner. Traffic from the Glynn direction will come onto the N30 and merge with this line of traffic, he said.

Traffic from certain areas of the Midlands will come via Carlow on the N9, down the N80 to Bunclody where it will split with HGVs and buses going via Enniscorthy and car traffic going right in Bunclody onto Kiltealy and onto Clonroche.

The final route he said is traffic coming from the North via Dublin. This will travel along the M50 joining the N11 travelling to Ferns and Enniscorthy and onto the N25 turning right at Carrigbyrne and onwards from there.

South Wexford traffic will travel through Wellingtonbridge into Ballinaboola back onto the Wexford road turning down at Courtcoyle and into the fifth carpark.

He said this car park will also be used for traffic from Dublin in the event the South Wexford traffic isn't as heavy as anticipated.

Superintendent Brennan said the traffic management plan is still currently in draft form but said it is 98 per cent complete. He said the championships and the resulting traffic restrictions will impact on local residents and 'we will be operating a one way system'.

He said local gardai will be visiting the affected homes and there will also be a leaflet drop prior to the event. Many of the local schools, he said, were closing for the three day event while milk and bin collections would also be rearranged.

An emergency phone number will also be in operation for locals in case of any unforeseen event.

' There will be fairly significant challenges on all those routes and there are pinch points which are widely known as black spots along the routes so we will be removing every conceivable obstacle to allow traffic flow.

'We are conscious that traffic is a big talking point at the championships and if it's not good it will rest on my shoulders. I will deem it a success if traffic moves smoothly. We have contingencies in place for breakdowns. We can't account for all the what ifs but we have a lot of bases covered.'

He said the road from Rosbercon coming out onto the bridge in New Ross will be closed. 'We are not letting anyone out at Rosbercon because any queue jumping will leave the people at the back of the queue disadvantaged.'

He said there will also be traffic restrictions in the town which will be flagged in advance.

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