Saturday 16 December 2017

Man 'big enough to make his own decisions' - Judge

A PROBATION Officer's report has been sought in the case of a Taghmon man, charged with being drunk in public and using abusive behaviour, who was told he is 'getting too old for this sort of carry on'.

The court heard that Gardai were in St. Aidan's Green in Clongeen on March 9, 2012 when the defendant, Justin Sinnott from 17 New Houses, Taghmon, was very aggressive. He ran from Gardai, got into a fight with his brother and had to be restrained and was later arrested. He defendant, who has 52 previous convictions, is getting ' too old for this sort of carry on' at 33 years of age, his defence solicitor Eric Furlong said.

Mr. Furlong suggested that his client, who has been free from alcohol since last month and would like to remain that way, might benefit from supports through the Probation Services.

'At 33 years of age he doesn't need the Probation Officer to hold his hand,' replied Judge Gerard Haughton.

'I think he might benefit from it - I wouldn't ask otherwise,' said Mr. Furlong.

'He is big enough now to make his own decisions and look after himself,' added the Judge, who adjourned the case until November 20 to allow for the production of a Probation Officer's report.

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