Monday 19 August 2019

Man clamped after dad's cancer diagnosis

Paul Sinnott.
Paul Sinnott.

By David tucker

a man who rushed to Wexford Hospital to comfort his seriously ill father has criticised clampers who charged him €100 to release his car.

'I rushed to Wexford General Hospital after news that my father was distraught. He had been diagnosed with cancer in his lungs, liver and chest,' Paul Sinnott told this newspaper.

'I parked my car down in the set down area after seeing my mother in tears outside the hospital, I consoled her and went over to my father who was pretty much in a heap on the grass after hearing his terrible news,

'I had to pick my father up off the ground in the car park and tell him that everything will be OK. After about half an hour I went to my car to head home after comforting my parents, only to find it clamped.'

Paul, who lives in Killag, Duncormick, said he rang the clampers and explained his plight, but they said he had to pay.

'They wanted the €100 for removal of the clamp. I'm absolutely outraged. I'm sure a lot of people would be outraged and shocked too.'

He said that when the company arrived to remove the clamp, both he and his distraught mother explained what had happened but the man said they would have to pay.

'I handed him over the €100 and said I hope you sleep well tonight,' Paul told this newspaper.

'It's not the money that's the issue, it's the way we were treated.'

Wexford Hospital suggested Mr Sinnott should write to the clamping company.

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