Wednesday 16 October 2019

Man damaged neighbour's car with hurl


AN UNEMPLOYED man has been given five months to find €1,968 to pay for the damage he caused to a neighbour's car when he set about the vehicle with a hurling stick.

Patrick Dagg of 1 Spring Valley Heights in Enniscorthy stood accused in the District Court of criminal damage to the vehicle owned by the man living in 2 Spring Valley Heights. The offence was reported to Garda John Haley on March 27 last year.

He arrived in the estate to find the windscreen smashed as well as three side windows, while three tyres had been damaged. He called to the Dagg house where the defendant at first denied any knowledge of what had happened. However, after the Garda spotted some glass fragments, the defendant admitted that he had taken a few drinks before going out with the hurl.

It was suggested that Dagg was incensed after an incident involving his wife. Defending solicitor John O'Leary stressed that there had been no contact between his client and the car owner since. Mr. O'Leary queried the figure of €1,968 shown on a quotation from main dealers Ferrybank Motors.

The solicitor suggested that the document did not show how much it actually cost to effect the repairs. However, Judge Early was in no mood to quibble over the details. He adjourned to March 14 and told Patrick Dagg that he must bring the full sum to court on that day or face the prospect of a jail sentence. If the money is paid a criminal damage conviction will come with a fine of €120.

'If you have a grievance, take it up with the Gardaí,' was the judge's advice.

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