Friday 18 October 2019

Man put cash into woman's cleavage

A 54 YEAR- OLD man who placed money in the cleavage of a young woman in a hotel in Enniscorthy, was fined €350 at Gorey District Court last week.

John Banville of Assagart, Foulksmills, was previously before the court charged with sexual assault on a female at the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy, on June 28 last year.

The defendant pleaded guilty, but the case was held over to allow for the preparation of a Victim Impact Statement, which was now handed to Judge William Early.

Solicitor Simon Kennedy reminded the court that his client was charged with placing money in the cleavage of a young lady who was selling wares in the hotel.

He said the other issue was whether or not it would be required by law that the defendant go on the sex offenders' register. He said that in this case, where the victim is over 17 years of age, and the punishment is not depriving the accused of their liberty, then there is no such requirement.

He also put it to the judge that it had been reported previously the defendant inserted his hand into her bra. ' That is not the case,' he said. 'He inserted the money into her cleavage. He did not make contact with the person's breast. It's important that that distinction be carried.'

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