Thursday 17 October 2019

Man raided chemists twice in a single day


A WEXFORD man stole prescription drugs from a pharmacy in the town and then went back to the same pharmacy less than 24 hours later, armed with a baseball bat, for another attempt.

Shane Reville (34), of 143 Belvedere Grove, was charged with theft at McCormack's Pharmacy, Selskar Street, on November 20, 2008, and - later in the same day – possession of a baseball bat and torch for use in the course of an intended burglary at the same business.

Tim Cummings, for Reville, told Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla that his client would be pleading guilty to both charges.

Garda Stephen Burke said that McCormack's was broken into overnight into the early hours of November 20, 2008, after two men entered through the front window and took a quantity of prescription drugs.

'He came to Wexford Garda Station a number of weeks later admitting his part in the crime,' said Garda Burke. However, none of the stolen drugs were recovered, he informed Judge O Buachalla.

Later on the night of November 20 the GardaÍ were again called to McCormack's, where the alarm was activated after the front window was smashed.

Shane Reville was found hiding around the corner with a baseball bat and a torch. He was very drunk and with another male.

He was arrested on December 3 in relation to this offence and while in custody he admitted that the torch and the baseball bat were intended for use in a burglary. Damage totalling €600 was caused by smashing the window of McCormack's.

However, it was pointed out that a coaccused defendant, not Reville, had smashed the window with a hammer.

Mr Cummings, for Reville, pointed out that the offences occurred within a 24 hour period when his client was ' completely out of his mind' on vodka and drugs.

He said that when Reville sobered up and saw the light of day he admitted his part in the offences, of which he has very little recollection.

Mr Cummings said that Reville worked for Wexford Electronix, but when he lost his job there he went to England to find work. However, Judge O Buachalla heard Reville fell into bad company there and starting using heroin, which is as at 'the root of his problems'.

Mr Cummings said Reville had recently completed a rehabilitation course and is linked in with the Cornmarket Project.

Judge O Buachalla adjourned the case until July 19 next, ordering Reville to sign on at Wexford Garda Station every Saturday in the meantime.

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