Monday 16 September 2019

Man repeatedly punched former girlfriend in face


A YOUNG man who repeatedly punched his former girlfriend in the face, was given a suspended sentence of nine months detention.

Christopher Green, 11 Radharc na Fhiaigh, Coolcotts Lane pleaded guilty to assault, causing harm to Olivia McGrory at Flat 1, St. Joseph's, Wygram on February 12 2011.

He was ordered to pay €1,000 to the injured party within the next six months.

Garda Ian Doyle told the court that Ms. McGrory arrived at the garda station when he was on duty.

She reported that she had been assaulted by the defendant in an argument that ensued during a party in the flat that they shared.

He boxed her in the face several times. She said it felt as if he was boxing her all night but it was about 15 minutes.

Garda Doyle handed in photographs showing the injuries sustained by Ms. McGrory.

Friends eventually came and intevened to stop the assault.

The court heard that the defendant had previous convictions for robbery, theft and motoring offences, and had been given 200 hours community service in lieu of two months in prison in June 2011.

Nigel Allen solicitor asked Garda Doyle if he would agree that the defendant was 'genuinely appalled' at his behaviour.

Garda Doyle said that when he went to Wexford General Hospital and saw what he had done, he apologised to the injured party.

He said there was a house warming party and alcohol had been consumed.

Judge Haughton said that theft and motoring offences dealt with last June, were pending at this time.

Mr. Allen said his client is now 19. He has been doing his community service and still has some time left to complete, he said.

'He is genuinely contrite,' said Mr. Allen, adding that if given a chance he is willing to pay compensation to the injured party.

Commenting that he had an opportunity to put money aside over the past 16 months but didn't do so, Judge Haughton sentenced him to nine months detention, suspended on him entering a bond to keep the peace for 18 months.

A condition of the bond is that he pay €1,000 to the injured party within six months.

'There is very little that can be said for the defendant. This was a nasty assault,' said Judge Haughton.

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