Sunday 20 October 2019

Man saved off Wexford Bridge

RNLI in action
RNLI in action
Marcin Maksimiuk
Ger Doran.

By David Tucker

A MAN was saved within a minute of falling into the Slaney from the middle Wexford Bridge on Wednesday, thanks to the sharp eyes of the RNLI tractor driver and the fact that the RNLI was about to launch the lifeboat on a training exercise.

Lorraine Galvin from the Wexford RNLI said its own tractor driver thought he saw a splash beneath the centre of the bridge at 2.33 p.m. and alerted the emergency services.

'Two of our probationers, Ger Doran and Marcin Maksimiuk, were just about to launch and were with the man in the water in under a minute,' she said. The crew was aided in finding the man because a passerby on the bridge had thrown a life ring towards him.

The man, aged between 50 and 60, was taken on board the lifeboat and transferred to an ambulance which took him to Wexford General Hospital suffering from mild hypothermia.

'If the boat hadn't been on the slip and we hadn't reached him so quickly, the outcome could have been very different,' said Lorraine.

She said the two new probationers were 'passed' immediately after the rescue.

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