Saturday 16 December 2017

Man stabbed, two arrested


Cllr Mick Roche: 'action must be taken to deal with anti-social elements'.
Cllr Mick Roche: 'action must be taken to deal with anti-social elements'.

A man was stabbed and two men were arrested in a series of incidents in a Bridgetown estate on Tuesday (September 1).

Local residents said a row erupted between groups from two houses after an all-day drinking session on Monday and that went on into Monday night and early Tuesday.

'The row broke out into the street with them chasing each other and banging on other home doors. One ended up stabbed and was rushed to hospital and at least one or two were arrested.'

The stabbing follows an incident in Bridgetown the previous week in which a man was taken to Wexford General Hospital following a suspected drugs overdose.

Early last month, thieves struck at a home in Bridegtown as a family were attending a relative's funeral.

The family is convinced that local criminals staked out the house and struck shortly after they left.

Bridgetown councillor Mick Roche defended his local community following what he termed a spate of violent incidents there in recent weeks.

Cllr Roche said that while immediate efforts had to be taken to deal with local crime in Bridgetown, the situation there is in no way unique.

'The recent violent incidents in and around the village of Bridgetown have obviously caused a lot of anxiety,' Cllr Roche said, 'action must be taken to deal with these anti-social elements.'

The councillor said it was clear that the long-term impact of harsh cuts to garda services by successive governments are now truly being felt in rural communities. Bridgetown, however, is not unique however and statistics show that it cannot be singled out as being worse than any other rural village.'

'Bridgetown is now one of the largest villages in South Wexford. Despite this, we not only lack a garda Station, but saw our nearest station in Baldwinstown closed and sold off by the OPW since this government came to power.

'It's time the state stopped trying to vilified communities like Bridgetown and instead invested in new Garda services and methods to prevent future incidents from occurring.'

The gardai were asked to comment on the situation in Bridgetown, but at the time of going to Press had not provided one.

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