Sunday 15 December 2019

'Man with a van' adverts are being blamed for dumping blight

Cllr George Lawlor with the rubbish dumped at Pairc Charman last week
Cllr George Lawlor with the rubbish dumped at Pairc Charman last week

Pádraig Byrne

Members of the public are being warned that they could be putting themselves in the frame for some large fines if they hire the 'man with a van' from Facebook to dispose of their rubbish.

Following two fairly major instances of dumping in the past week, Cllr George Lawlor has called on people not to trust people who advertise one-off rubbish collection services on Facebook, saying that it often ends up on our roadsides or dumped in a secluded area, rather than going to Holmestown as promised.

Cabling, old mattresses and household rubbish were found dumped at the old Roadstone site behind Pairc Charman, while a further 20 bags of household rubbish were discovered at Carrig graveyard.

'These "man with a van" operations are responsible for a huge amount of illegal dumping around the county,' Cllr Lawlor said.

'There are only three licensed waste collectors in Wexford.

'You need to apply for a permit at the Waste Collection Office headquarters in Offaly. I would warn people that if materials are dumped and information is found linking it back to the owner, hefty fines will be issued.'

'These people have absolutely no regard for the local area,' Cllr Lawlor said of the dumpers. 'They won't stop while there's money to be made. Access has now been blocked off to that area at Pairc Charman.'

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