Tuesday 17 September 2019

Many are refusing to take up council house offers

WEXFORD County Council's massive housing list is not the problem it may appear to be, Director of Housing Services Tony Larkin has revealed, as the homes that people live in while they are 'waiting' for council houses are generally nicer and cost less to rent.

Cllr Robbie Ireton recently bemoaned the length of the housing list, allied with the fact that the government was directing little or no money to local authorities to provide social housing, wondering if the people on the housing list have any hope of ever getting a home of their own.

However, Mr Larkin informed the councillor that the opposite is often the case. He said his staff actually frequently have trouble convincing people on the list to take council houses at the moment, because thanks to the private rent subsidy scheme, those on the housing list often feel they are better off where they are already living.

' These people are generally in relatively new homes, three-bed semidetached homes on rent supplement and we are trying to put them in social housing on the rent differential scheme - they don't want to leave,' said Mr Larkin.

He also admitted that 'financially, they are better off where they are' and said that while the length of the housing list is long, it is not necessarily indicative of the number of people in need of housing, rather it was a 'mechanism' the council use for housing people.

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