Monday 19 March 2018

Many places praised

Wexford has a large stock of individual older houses with lovely gardens which are well maintained. It also has a stock of very good terraced housing. These are almost universally well maintained.

All churches are of a high standard generally

The Arts Centre looked well and the new Wexford County Library will be another modern insertion in an appropriate modern idiom.

The stepped terrace of three storey red brick houses opposite Rowe Street Church was particularly admired.

High Street's Opera House reinvention was much admired.

The Faythe area is a lovely old traditional part of Wexford town with its own character and community which it has retained.

Roundabout plantings on the periphery and indeed in the town - such as at Corish Roundabout - were much admired.

The new park at Carcur with its reed swamp and wilderness area etc. is an excellent idea.

Landscaping throughout the older and most newer estates was of a good standard

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