Sunday 18 August 2019

Margins tighten as demand falls

AN UNMANNED fuel pump, located on the outskirts of New Ross, has proved to be a great asset to local motorists seeking out cheaper fuel prices

This outdoor payment terminal, selling diesel 24 hours a day through an unmanned pump, was installed by Campus Oil some six months ago and is located at their base in Marshmeadows.

According to Brendan Roche, Administration Manager of Campus Oil, this new terminal is proving to be quite successful.

' We are a different operation to service stations. Because we are an oil company we are feeding the tank directly from our fuel sources and there are no distribution costs so it is cheaper for us,' explained Brendan.

' We weren't in this to be the cheapest but to be competitive and we offer a competitive price. We can offer a cheaper price because we don't have the same overheads,' he added.

According to Brendan, out of every litre of diesel, over fifty per cent of the cost goes to the government. Excise duty, carbon tax, the NORA levy and VAT now accounts for roughly 74c of a litre of diesel, explained Brendan.

When it comes to demand for fuel from the commercial sector, demand has reduced 'considerably' from service stations and from the commercial retailer.

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