Wednesday 24 January 2018

M-eat the Cry Before Dawn burger!

By Jim Hayes

YOU know you've made it when you have a burger named after you.

Wexford band Cry Before Dawn are on the menu at a restaurant in the city of Manaus, Brazil, where the 'Cry Before Dawn Hamburger Recheado' is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, described by one reviewer as 'a homemade burger, stuffed with cheddar, bacon, ham and mozzarella ...simply wonderful!'

Eighty's Burguer & Beer is an 80s-themed eaterie on Rua Acre in Manaus. As well as the 160g Cry Before Dawn burger, their menu also includes dishes named after U2, Madonna and Van Halen.

So how did Cry Before Dawn find themselves in such exalted company?

'Apparently, we had quite a bit of success in Brazil with 'The Seed That's Been Sown' back in the eighties and because of that they named the burger after us,' says the band's bass player, Vinnie Doyle. 'The restaurant is still open, and we're still on the menu.'

No flash in the pan, the Wexford-branded Brazil burger is just one aspect of a South American love affair with Cry Before Dawn.

The band's Facebook page has almost 9,000 likes, and Vinnie says the majority of CBD's new fans hail from either Brazil or Mexico.

'I'm told we're also on the playlist at a rock music station in Mexico,' he says.

South American audiences have a bit of a track record with Wexford artists.

Back in the seventies, when Chris de Burgh was living in the family home at Bargy Castle, Tomhaggard, his first ever single was a huge hit in Brazil. 'Flying' - released in the UK as 'Turning Round', to little effect - stayed at the top of the Brazilian chart for 17 weeks.

It's not known if a burger - or even a Burgher - has been named in his honour.

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