Friday 23 February 2018

Meeting with Irish Water was 'intimidating'

By Esther Hayden

'So intimidating' is how meetings between Irish Water and councillors were described last week.

At Monday's meeting of Wexford Borough District, Cllr Anthony Kelly wondered if the council had received a response back from Irish Water regarding the lead pipes issue.

District manager Angela Laffan said she had yet to receive a response but confirmed that a letter had been sent. The members were also critical that a 'massive leak' in Maudlintown was still not fixed despite the fact it was losing gallons of water daily.

Mayor George Lawlor said he understood it would be fixed within days. Cllr Kelly then said that previous one on one meetings between the councillors and Irish Water officials were 'so intimidating'.

'There were six people from there and one councillor. It was so intimidating', he said.

'I don't think anyone could intimidate you', remarked Mayor Lawlor.

Wexford People

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