Tuesday 24 October 2017


THIS IS not reform - it's cost cutting.

There's no real reform in this programme. We need real local government in Ireland. It is one of biggest problems facing the country today. What this announcement will lead to is further centralisation - not an invention of local government. This country has become more centralised every year for last forty years and this is another step in that direction. I would like to see citizens having a say in how their lives and their community are organised but at the moment we are going in the opposite direction - all decisions are made in Dublin. I would like to see local councillors elected and given responsibility and making decisions. If our elected councillors were put in positions of decision making people would be very careful who they elect for local government. At the moment councillors have no authority, they only have a say in the Development Plan and the rest is messenger boy stuff - I would like to see real councillors to give representation to the people. There's nothing in this programme that we need.

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