Saturday 21 September 2019

Micro-brewery plan for Blackwater turned down

PLANS TO put a micro-brewery in Blackwater have been turned down by Wexford County Council, despite representations by Deputy John Browne.

The Wexford Brewing Company looked to convert a children's creche and stables into a beer making plant capable of producing more than 800 litres of beer a week.

However, the planners felt that the innovative conversion from child's play and horses of the site at Inch in Blackwater to the production of booze was out of order.

No objections were lodged to the brewhouse proposal but the official who inspected the location noted that, though it is in a rural area, there are plenty of other houses near the house.

The local authority ruled that making beer was out of keeping with the location, citing possible problems with noise, traffic and smells.

The vetoed proposal included a cafe/shop for visitors and the planners felt that a car park for 17 cars and one lorry 'would not sit comfortably with the existing dwelling'.

The intention of the company was to sell off by-products from the brewing process to farmers but now the promoters have been sent back to the drawing board.

The planning file contains a letter from Deputy John Browne who wrote to the council stating that he had been approached by Liam Doyle of the Wexford Brewing Company.

'He has applied for planning permission for a micro brewery and visitor centre at Inch Blackwater. Please look favourably on his application,' wrote the Fianna Fáil T.D.

However, the officials felt that the beer making plant was too big for a residential site and refused permission.

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